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First day back to work since Jerry's death. I've added a bunch of links to the left, and de-centered them as well. It's pretty sad that I have so many more links on my work computer than the one at home. I even have more links that I didn't put up, but some of them don't exactly fit in the neat categories I put up. A good example would be Molly Ivins' column, which I do read a couple of times a week, but I figure if there's anything spectacularly good I can always just link to it in my entries here. Another choice that is always good is the News of the Weird site. I've actually gotten a few submissions into the NOTW and if I get time I'll link specifically to those. I'm also somewhat fond of checking for neighbors of mine in the St Paul police prostitution arrest shame page. I've never seen any, but at least before the Payne Reliever closed my neighborhood was WELL REPRESENTED in the weekly arrests. Oh, but all those pictured are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Eventually, I'd like to classify further the blogs listed. I've noticed in my surfing there seem to be a lot of Minnesota blogs. The only one I have linked to the left is Dack, but I know I've seen at least three others. There are probably dozens. A pillar of the blog community is Kottke's site, which used to be a Minnesota blog, but he just moved to California, as documented in this New Yorker article. This publicity has been hashed and rehashed on the web so much by bloggers that I shudder to link it here, but most people who are seeing this site aren't really of the weblogging ilk anyway.
I also enjoy some Australian weblogs. The only link I have right now is the Age, which is in the Pro Blogs category, although I think it's more properly semi-pro, like the Obscure Store. I linked the Virulent Memes blog on my first post, which is also Aussie, and I visit a couple others on an infrequent basis. I suppose I'll do that as I get around to it. Same goes for the British blogs. Linkmachinego is a Brit amateur blog, as is Blue Ruin (a site I really like) and the Guardian is a (fully) pro Brit blog.

In the interest of fairness, I should also probably put some of Valerie's links on too, but I suspect she has as many sites she regularly visits as I do, so I'm not sure I want to open that can of worms. Val, just start your own blog and I'll link to it. In the meantime, all the other geeks really like this site. :)


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