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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey, those were great cookies. Can I get the recipe?

When eating your turkey, do you ever wonder, is the rumor true that turkeys are so dumb they'll look up and drown in a rainstorm? (Link out of the Straight Dope archive)

Let's give thanks to Mr. Gutenburg. (Link via Robot Wisdom.)

Let's give thanks for a stable Solar System. At least I hope it's stable.

Mag and I are going over to the Stiffler house to eat dinner and watch the Vikings game. Jerry and I were going to watch it, and we were pretty sure we'd have to fight the women to let us keep it on and not just change it to Anne of Avonlea or Pride and Prejudice. Uh oh. I shouldn't have put that last one on. Now Maggie will know that version is available on DVD. The six tape box set is bad enough. I'm just glad she has to share it with Krista and Dianne. Anyway, I'm watching that game whether I have to fight them off with a drumstick or not.


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