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Hobbsblog begins.

First post here. I suppose I should introduce the page, but I think that's a waste of effort because I can't really think of anything to say. This rant in particular made me want to start blogging, mainly because I think it's pretty lame if taken seriously. I've been reading the blog it came from for probably six months or so, and it seemed somewhat out of character. I'm not sure, but I think it's a joke. There's been a moderate sized hoo-haw over at Metafilter about it, and that got my motivation to actually start this blog. That and the desire to get in on blogging before it got too popular. Ha ha. Jeff Shaw, wherever you are, I'm thinking of you when I say that.
Jeff was a friend of mine at college who was notorious for only liking things before they got popular. You know, the type that think REM's last album worth anything was Document and Prague isn't worth visiting because it isn't unknown.
Don't worry, Jeff, I still love ya even if I have no idea where you are, you haven't bothered to look me up in 4 years etc. I'm not bitter.

Then there's the election, and I will not say anything (yet) on this matter except to say that I couldn't get through to anywhere the night of the election until late -- except this site. Orvetti has been wrong about many things this election but never alone - just quicker in making the mistakes. Specifically, premature calls on Florida, New Mexico, Oregon, and all the rest. Also, Orvetti picked Maria Cantwell over Slade Gorton in Washington, who is a supremely loathsome character, and who now looks like he'll win re-election.

On the subject of blogs (weblogs to friends and family who are unversed in the terminology), the subject of an A list of blogs is another topic amusing me now. I don't understand why some people would be jealous, but apparently there are some that are. I myself am very fond of the Obscure store and reading room, a blog I consider "semi-pro" because Romenesko makes a living off of his other page, and got my first links to amateur blogs from his links on the right side of the page. As far as I'm concerned the A list is the blogs I bother to come back to. In the next couple of days I'll start putting those on.

Finally, in what little biographical information I'm putting on here, I live in St. Paul with my wife, Maggie, who works for the Minnesota Wild NHL team, and our 8-month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Relffits. We got her at this farm in Yankton, South Dakota. I enjoy brewing my own beer and watching football, and seeing as my hometown is/was Norman, Oklahoma, that means at this time of year it's all about the University of Oklahoma football team. Go, Sooners. Beat Tech.

This is a great site to play around in.

This is the funniest spot on the web.

This is where you can play Tangleword, the best online game. Go now. My handle is "Deathpuppy" if you see me there. I also play at Lycos with the same handle whenever I can't get in to the first linked site.


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