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I just got back from Duluth, where I went to send out a bunch of inventory and have a nice drive. Mag came with me, and so did Relffits. While I was working Mag went antique shopping and found some stuff that I would talk about but may very well wind up as Christmas presents. Afterwards, we ate lunch at Grandma's, which was wonderful, but I had a bad selection, namely:

The Monte Cristo
A triple decker of thinly-sliced ham, smoked turkey, Swiss and American cheese, layered on Texas toast,
breaded and deep fried. Served with fresh fruit. $8.99

Not the most intelligent choice before the two hour car ride, if you get my drift.

Snow is predicted tonight in the 2-5 inch range. I have a standing statement with Bob and Gary at the office that a four or more inch snowfall means they can expect me late or not at all. Come on, blizzard! Unfortunately, I know in my heart that we'll struggle all night to barely make it to two inches and I'll still have to go to work in the morning, but a man can dream, right?

It came from outer space?

My mom sent me this link about people who fantasize about getting their healthy limbs amputated. That's pretty sick. I bet Haygruh has a strong opinion about that, too.

We found out our car is dead. Kaput. Tot. We have talked extensively on our options, and are leaning towards getting a new one. Suggestions are solicited. It really sucks that of the Minnesota family the only one truly proficient in the process of buying a car was Jerry. I am learning a lot on the fly as I research our options. Fortunately, Art, a friend of the family was always thought highly of by Jerry as a good car buyer, so I am getting some help from him. He told me about the Kelly Blue Book site which is a good place to start. He also told me about this site, which has an incredible amount of stuff. Art was soft selling his style and success in a typical Minnesota understated manner, but after reading that last site, which he highly recommended reading, I now have a picture of him going in there with a thick folder of reports, invoice information and rebate and incentives intelligence organized by expiration date. I'm not sure I'm that hard core.


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