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Sucks to be right all the time. Only a dusting of snow fell last night, although we've been getting a little off and on today. Too much for flurries, too little for snow showers. I always get amused by the different classifications for snow. In Oklahoma it's always "flurries" or "snow." Here, the continuum goes from flurries to snow showers to light snow to heavy snow to blizzard and some funkiness in between. I'm also still not used to the idea of winter long snow cover.

Still not sure what a blog is? This article goes over the phenomenon again. As I pointed out in my opening post, many webloggers are a part of Metafilter and as any article appears in the media, it gets posted there and then discussed ad infinitum. The discussion on this article is particularly amusing and includes statements like "I for one am HEARTILY bored of reading articles where I'm not mentioned... " That's funny. I suppose if you're blogging for recognition by the blog community the fact that only 10 blogs ever get mentioned by these articles could chap your hide, but as far as I'm concerned this particular site is for friends and family, and myself, too, as it's organized my links far better than any favorites or bookmark configuration. Oh, and for Barbelith, the person I quoted above, here's his site.

Stupid statistic of the day: Over 75% of visitors to my site use Netscape.

Maggie is back at work today for the first time in nearly two weeks. She had nearly 50 voice mails and over 175 emails to clean up. Yowzers! When I went back Monday I had two voice mails and only about 50 emails. I guess she is more valuable to her company than I am to mine. She has administrator status on this blog, also, and I've invited her to post to it, but I think she's worried about being tarred with the geek brush. Ah, screw it. I would classify myself as more of a "dork" than a "geek" but it's pretty subjective.

To all the people living in Fiji, Bangladesh, Vanatau, and New Orleans, I am sorry about the failure of the US and others to come up with a strategy for dealing with global warming. Enjoy your homes for now.

Please note that this weblog's application for an ISSN is pending. An ISSN is the international code number that tracks periodicals for libraries and databases. Of course it's a periodical; all I need to do really is have an

intention to continue
publishing indefinitely and
being issued in
designated parts.

I do that! Note at the end of every post there's a bit about posted by (me) at ***link***. That link is to the archive where each of these posts will be saved in perpetuity. That also qualifies as a designated part. What it also does is make this eligible for posting debate evidence that would be acceptable for use in a debate round. I can't wait to post articles about how various things will lead to nuclear war.


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