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Today is the third day after brewing my Hefeweizen. It's an all-extract beer, which means that I bought the malt extracts pre-made and don't actually use any grain. In the continuum of homebrewers, you can use all-extract, partial extract, and full mash. I don't think I'll ever get hard core enough to do a full mash brew. There's a lot of equipment needed, temperature monitoring, and some serious mess made. Besides, the full extract beers are already better in some cases than the microbrews you get at the store. There are stores like this one all over the country to supply zymurgists like myself, and getting started isn't that expensive.

I'm gradually learning some html to improve the page over the raw, bare bones structure you see here. I'll just say that this will never be any technological feat. Most of what you see is autogenerated, which is a testament to how cool this blogger thing really is. Last night I started figuring out the section to the left. As I get a clue that will fill up with good links.

I saw this article and thought of my good friend Haygruh, who also has one leg. I'm sure he has an opinion on this issue. Haygruh, who lives in Portland, is currently waiting out the election crisis with more than interest on the line. After he found out that his local Soil and Conservation board election had no candidates, he organized a write in effort to get himself elected. The election board is still tallying such votes.

It's snowing. It's been snowing off and on all week. Ugh. On Thursday the car broke down on the side of 494 on my way home. I started trudging into the 0 degree wind chill and got a ride from a very nice lady who stopped and let me use her cell phone. Who says Minnesota Nice is dead?

Any design help is appreciated. Email using the mailto icon below (one of the half dozen or so html commands I know). Hey, I was able to get this going knowing only three, which tells you how easy it is to start a page like this.


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