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Blog*spot has been down for over two days now. Needing a fix, I went through the hassle of moving the site altogether to this site. It's free, hence the hyper annoying ad up top. At least the Blog*spot ad wasn't moving, flashing, and ready to cause seizures. I am considering moving up to the "no ad" version, but that would cost $5.95 a month. To offset that, I think I'll add a Ask Jeeves box to this site, which will pay me 2 cents a hit. Hmmm. . . to recoup my costs I'd need 298 hits a month. No way. I only average 8 hits a day as it is, and moving the site should set me back in that department, too. I'll have to come up with other ways to generate revenue.

At least I'm back up. I don't even know where to start. Tonight, I'm going to play NTN trivia at the bar. Tomorrow I get the LSAT score. I've been talking with the Haygruh about it, and he says "one seventy or one leg!" Unlike him I have two legs, so I'm REALLY hoping for the 170. Today, the snow has restarted, and I'm not looking forward to the commute. Monday's was bad enough.

On account of the lateness in the day and the fact I need to do work, I think I'll just dump all my links in a more or less non - narrative fashion.

This guy echoes my sentiments previously on why most blogs suck. I am beginning to shift my position on the subject, however, as I have found a number of blogs that are interesting to some degree.
Remember Y2K? A very smug Y2K doubter pulls out his email from last year and gloats.

Update on my animal cognition thread: The dolphin that paints.

Oops! The nuclear weapons accidents the US government doesn't want you to know about.

I think that's enough for now, which is funny because I still have plenty of material. Work calls!


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