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Bonus Bloggage, or, the product of more time + more links.

Last week I posted the 50 greatest Simpsons moments. Here's the followup: the list of FOX references in Simpsons episodes. My favorite had to be the FOX schedule at the beginning of the "Spinoffs" episode where the X files, Simpsons, and Melrose Place are the only programs listed. Very classy. (link via Pop Culture Junk Mail, the best blog I've found in a long time. It has everything a blog needs; fun links, and lots of them; a bit of narrative to hold them together, and more links to other sites. I feel pleased that I can present a good blog instead of all the sucky ones I keep critiquing) Also neat about it: it's another Minnesota blog. I now know of at least four; Dack's, Honeyguide, this one, and PCJM, now as well. I've written to those other sites to see if I can get more local blog links for a special Minnesota blog section.

More bonus links:

Bigfoot's ass found? Surely, you jest.
Snowmen reinforce gender stereotypes? And I just made my snowmen by rolling the sections. Someone with too much time on their hands.
the Book of Cliches. I heard several of the worst ones at Jerry's funeral, specifically "Life goes on," "There must be a reason," and "I guess I just have to accept it."


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