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For those living under a rock, the Sooners won the Big XII championship 27-24. Not to be overly self-congratulatory, but the defense indeed was the reason we won the game, as was my primary warrant presented for my prediction before the game. Now we have to go play Florida State for the national championship, a game that few will give us a chance for, but as I pointed out Saturday, that's when we really seem to do well. Actually, in an ironic twist, the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) standings have a very close and controversial choice for who the number 2 team is to play us. The ironic part is the fact that both teams are from Florida -- meaning a razor close, controversial result from Florida will determine both the presidency and the national championship this year.

Has anyone else been outraged by the marketing slop associated with the new Grinch movie? After all, to paraphrase Saint Seuss (warning: from memory)
Maybe Christmas. . . doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas means just a little bit more.

Uh, anyone else noticed that there are McDonald's toys, stuffed dolls, no fewer than 8 picture books (a serious travesty that), and the most repugnant Visa commercial I've ever seen tied in? So I went blog surfing to find a good article to back up my grievances and found this one via Follow me here, but even that fine editorial doesn't sum up my outrage well enough. Who let this happen (If anyone says Cindy Lou, I'll smack 'em)? I want to know who sold the rights to the movie studio so I might write a letter full of righteous indignation. Well, let me know if you find out.

I did take the LSAT on Saturday and I think I did ok. Actually, let me rephrase: I think I spanked 4 out of 5 sections, but what really chaps my hide is the one that I didn't do well on is the one that always gets people -- the analytical games. When I took the practice test on that section the night before I didn't miss a single one, but in the actual test I blew way too much time up front and couldn't really recover. I'm pretty pissed at myself for it, but I still think I might have pulled out a good score. Haygruh thinks one could miss between 12-15 questions on the whole of the test to get the magical 170, which we were both shooting for. I don't know -- in my self analysis I think I missed a total of 5 or fewer on the other sections, but up to 10-12 on that one portion. It's going to be close. Aleava "I sleep in a drawer" Sayre (sorry, don't have your email in front of me) scored mighty fine her last time and me and Haygruh are locked in a fight for LSAT bragging rights. Aleava spanked both of us on the SAT, but I note that it was redesigned and made easier for the years after when I took it (she and Haygruh are both about four years younger).

Don't you hate it when your ship gets swallowed by a big methane bubble? Me too.

Upcoming special installations of Hobbsblog: Election analysis and wrapup later this week, Geek movie preview Saturday.


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