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I finally saw a forecast on the Weather Channel that used the B word and then it misses us, merely leaving the Twin Cities with -50 wind chills. I swear, this state is not fit for human habitation.

I went with the Stifflers to the National Lutheran Choir concert last night. It was very pretty, in the Basilica in Minneapolis, where the acoustics are great. I learned a new word, as well: narthex.

I noticed they are working to reduce the sexist/exclusive language in the hymns. When I was younger my mom would always point out the "men" and "he" in hymns and would replace them with less offensive replacements, leaving me with a lifetime of snootily examining the rhetorical assumptions of anyone speaking or writing (thanks Mom!) So, of course I noticed that: The hymn formerly known as "Good Christian Men, Rejoice" became "Now Sing We All, Rejoice." The line in "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" was "Peace on the earth, good will to all." Inexplicably, however, in a latter verse in "Joy to the World" the program writers left in a "Let Men their songs employ." Oh well, I guess your PC vigilence only goes so far, eh Lutherans?

I won't post an election link, I can't post an election link, I. . . oh damn. It's Molly Ivins. She's funny. (Cringing.) Not an archived link, so will likely only be good through December 18th or 19th. Perhaps my favorite story coming out of the Supreme Court case is the one she alludes to involving the lawyer for Florida who called one justice by another's name, and then called another by a justice who isn't even alive anymore, much less still on the bench. That's ugly.

Vikings lost again today. We're going to lose again in the NFC championship game. I can feel it. (Hmm, I'm getting the Vikings pessimism thing down well. I guess I can be a Minnesotan)


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