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I had a fine post almost ready to go from work and then one of my other windows commandeered this one to go to another site. Thus, I will attempt to rebuild.

I whine about not getting enough snow and then wham! It hits. We've had over a foot of snow now since Saturday and the roads suck. I spent over four hours in traffic today. Ugh.

As usual, I was looking around for other blogs that aren't in the normal circle I check out. I'm noticing that there seems to be several different areas of the blog community that do not overlap at all. For instance, there's the blogs to the left, including Metafilter, that usually subscribe to a fairly liberal political bent, post many different cool links, and have some interspersed commentary that sometimes ties in the blogger's personal life (like Kottke) and some that have no personal comments (like Robot Wisdom). I've recently discovered another sort, that are written usually by young mothers, that have a minimum of links, mostly all personal content, and details of people's lives that I wouldn't expect. Consider this site, which has amazing traffic (averages 80 hits a day), and some graphics. The site that really blew my socks clean off was Illusions of Grandeur, which has personal content far beyond anything I'd ever put on. I'll explain why and then I bet you check out the link.

1) In an opening whine/rant, the author specifically calls out co-workers and family members for slacking off or failing her expectations, and I mean by name.
2) The author loathes her husband:

How do people do it? People who aren't in
love, who don't love each other, who feel like I do?
How do they stay with their husbands and wives?
How do they live with this pain and torment?

3) She accuses her husband of marital rape.
4) She details an adulterous encounter in depth, even going so far as to explain that while she received, uh, the full service, he wouldn't even accept any sort of climactic encounter for her to reciprocate.
I can't believe people put that kind of commentary on the internet. Surely she knows her husband/coworkers/family will read it? Is it some sort of desperate cry for help? Well, yeah, I guess it is. I feel bad for her because she obviously has problems.

On the other hand, there are so many blogs by teens out there that it bewilders me. I wonder what age most people are when they lose track of youth culture. I'm 25 now, and it seems plain to me that a wholly new type of generation is hard on my heels. These kids know html, graphics, flash, and all the bells and graphical whistles that make web sites look hard core, and I bet they just know it. For me to learn what these kids have would require a year or two of school, and I consider myself pretty bright. That doesn't mean I agree with what they have to say. This site is fairly representative of the class I'm referring to, and although there are great graphics and even a fairly humorous and clever analysis of "Cam girls'" Amazon.com wishlists, it seems pretty obvious he's a misanthropic little jerk who doesn't respect anyone. Or take this site, unfortunately run by a guy named Nathan, who wonders why he can't get a girlfriend at the top of his page while deriding other people as "homos" and "bitches" at the bottom. Duh. Look, dude, piece of advice: keep your masculine posturing solely around your male friends. Deny any and all such comments around mixed company. Seems easy enough. I think one of the interesting things about the internet is the blurring of public and private space. People will prattle on and on about things they'd never talk about in "Real Life" on their weblogs. Rest assured I won't be announcing any extramarital affairs from this page. I'm not above making fun of my co-workers from here, however. Despite working for a computer servicing company, very few of them are technically literate in any sense of the word, and fewer than half spend any time online whatever. And if I choose to unleash a profanity-laced invective on anyone, you can bet I'll be using some of the most offensive words of Britain (via notsosoft, a fine blog of the first category discussed.)
I'm looking forward to finding some of the other nether regions of the blogger world to share with you in posts to come.


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