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I'm baaaaaaaaaack. Took Boxing day off to do nothing. It's a lot harder for me to find the time to blog when I'm not at work. So, how exactly was Scrappy related to Scooby doo? The Straight Dope has the answer, sort of. In fact, this article has many great tidbits, not the least of which is this:

Despite Shaggy's love of food, he stopped eating meat sometime in the early 1980s. Casey
Kasem had become a vegetarian, and when he eventually requested that his animated
character do the same, Hanna-Barbera graciously agreed. You'll see Shaggy downing pizza,
salads, cookies, cakes, and God knows what else in the later episodes, but not meat. When
the cartoon gang was reassembled the a few years ago for two straight-to-video features, it's
someone else providing the scratchy, cracking tones for Shaggy, though. Rumor has it that
Warner Brothers, who produced the movies, apparently weren't as accomodating as their
predecessors--the script called for Shaggy to eat shrimp gumbo, Kasem balked, and was let
go. He apparently won't be back.

I guess that eliminates one possibility for what was in the Scooby Snacks.

This has been a recurring theme for me as I surf the net: the pie throwing vigilantes are at it again. I love pie throwing as political protest. Plenty of people have gotten the creme treatment: Bill Gates, (Monsanto CEO) Robert Shapiro, and (IMF Chief) Michael Camdessus, among others (see list below). Of the preceding links, the Bill Gates site is the best, as it has moment-by-moment pictures before, during, and after he got the pie right in the kisser. Now that's a form of protest I can really dig. It's funny, takes a lot of planning, and really humiliates the target. Other victims have included

Willie Brown, Oscar de la Renta, Jean Chretien,
Charles Hurwitz, Milton Friedman, William
Shatner, Maharaji, Howard Jarvis, William F.
Buckley, Prince Charles, Anita Bryant,
Daniel Moynihan, Quentin Kopp, G. Gordon
Liddy, Andy Warhol, E. Howard Hunt,
Eldridge Cleaver, Randall Terry, William
Colby, Helmut Kohl, Filip Dewinte, Helen
Chenowith, Sylvester Stallone and Jerry

---according to the Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia, a truly entertaining site. Hey, Jeff, you can get your Anarchy links from that site, too.

Finally, I'll leave you with a post-Xmas present: A series of old Christmas ads that prove our rampant commercialism of Xmas is not a new thing. (Link from bOING bOING.) None are as good as the BC Clark Jingle, which I have previously blogged, but hey. What is?


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