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In two weeks of tracked usage on the blog, we now have the first one hundred unique visits. That averages out to about 7 visitors a day, who on average hit 2-3 links and stay five minutes or so. I'm quite pleased, actually, because some of the people that visit the site are people I know but don't talk to much. I know this blog isn't going to be a popular place on the web but I don't really care -- it's for people who want to keep track of me and Maggie and it's for me to record what's going on.

I also am getting a much better idea of what I want the blog to look like what I want to do with it. I've been reading blogs out there on the web for over a year now (since first finding the Obscure Store via a top 100 of the web ranking, which was a victim of link rot or I'd post it here. There are blogs that are nothing but links, like Robot Wisdom, which is respected as a leader of the blog pack. My take is that RW is very good on link selection but not terribly sophisticated -- I mean, I get the idea that Jorn just surfs the net and puts on cool links but rarely get any idea of the guy behind the page. Then there's sites like Blue Ruin which have links but intersperse that with straight rambling updates about what she did that weekend, usually involving curry and drinking (she's British, natch). I haven't seen too many that do what Hobbsblog is rapidly evolving toward, which is a topical journal with an extra bonus link or two tossed in (sometimes Kottke looks like that). Although I've seen 25-40 blogs, there are somewhere between 60-70,000 others out there (!) and many various options available. To get around the problem of fewer links than most, I might have a special All Link Edition, kinda like the other specials in the works. But, for the meantime, here's a few leftover links I have found this week that I haven't been able to weave into a narrative:

Maggie wants us to become wine snobs. She needs lessons from this guy. From the same issue of Atlantic Monthly as that sicko article about the amputation fetishists I posted November 28.

How to tell a partner about your (their) STD.

The world's only Aluminum Christmas Tree museum (Hey mom, check out the official name in the first paragraph).

Solution for Mideast peace? Move the UN there.

Note: Blog etiquette dictates that one acknowledge another blog if you get a link from there. I totally forgot where I got both of the last two but I did get them from other blogs. Sorry!


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