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It's official: I have nothing to say about the election.

I drove to Eau Claire today to do a spot check inventory. It was the first time I've taken the new Kia to one of these visits. I saw a Ford Explorer on the side of the road about halfway there that had been in a rollover accident yesterday, as well as a few other cars that spun off the road during the snow yesterday. It was pretty scary but I feel more confident driving around with four wheel drive.
Now, for some serious news: the Pro Bowl roster has been released and the Vikings have 6 picks on offense, and 1 on defense. Congrats, guys. I hope to see us represented in the Super Bowl as well as the Pro Bowl.

Speaking of Vikings, I saw this link about the Kensington Runestone on Metafilter and thought it was really interesting. The Kensington Runestone is an alleged runic document left in Minnesota in the 14th century. Some fairly well respected scholars have recently announced they think it's authentic. There are runestones like this in a lot of weird places, and most of them are fake, I'm sure. There's also a brief mention about the Heavener Runestone, which is another runestone in Oklahoma. It's in far southeastern Oklahoma and I've not actually seen it, although I have been to Heavener a few times. I think Kevin has, however. Heavener is pretty close to Stigler, which is a town where a guy I went to Citizen Bee nationals with was from. I'll always remember him because when we were discussing our study plans before nationals and the need to go get periodicals to review from our libraries he said, "We ain't even got a libary in Stigler." (Misspelling intentional to reflect what he said.)

If anyone is interested to learn more about the Vikings PBS has an excellent page that is associated with the NOVA that aired earlier this year.


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