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It's really cold. What's really disenheartening is the fact that everyone else seems to be getting big snow storms out of this cold front but us. All we get is the bitter nasty cold and some super fine snow dust.

How about that election? I tell ya, Gore is not going to win now, but with the Florida Supreme Court ruling last Friday at least he has some credibility on his challenges. It sure makes everything look fishy: the reason they granted Bush's stay is due to his claim that he could suffer "irreparable harm" by having the counts go through. Excuse me? The only one getting irreparable harm is Gore if those ballots would have him win. Bush is already the winner in the certified total. If he wins the new count he wins. Gore has many more hurdles to jump, not the least of which is the deadline that he won't beat now that the Supreme Court has laid down the law. And what's up with the conservative hypocrites on the court? They harp on about state's rights until that position no longer benefits their side. What a bunch of losers. Now we have no credibility for all three branches of government.

As stated Friday Mag and I went to see the new Dungeons and Dragons movie. That was a disappointment. I saw this review from Salon last Friday and thought, "no way could it be that bad. I'm sure it's got the so-bad-it's-good thing going on." WRONG! It sucked. It a) took itself too seriously and b) wasted a fine performance by Jeremy Irons, who was the only one who looked like he had fun in it and c) had an absolutely incoherent plot and internal geography and d) tried to keep things going with some unnecessary violence and cruelty, which just kind of turned my stomach and e) managed to make things worse, if possible, by ripping off many other movies. I mean, this baby stole features in turn each one of the Indiana Jones movies in incredibly obvious ways. I sure wish the makers had just taken the easy route and made a humorous movie that poked fun at itself and the clientele of the movie. The best part of the whole thing was the comments overheard by the cloak wearing, unwashed (as Jeron said, it was the worst smelling movie we'd ever seen) dregs of high school / college society as we were leaving. The fact that they were even taking the time to analyze the movie to tear it apart had me laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face.

Geeks, take heart: There is reason to hope.
The first part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy comes out next Christmas. Every indication I've seen says the movie makers are taking the story seriously, which I should hope, considering that if they get it right every dweeb in the world will see it 15 times. The only other time someone made a run at a movie for the LOTR, it was Ralph Bakshi and his animated version in the 70s. It was a big flop so he never got to finish it, but the first (only) movie is quite good. The animation remains cutting edge to this day and it stayed remarkably close to the dialogue and plot of the book. The Bakshi interview is really interesting. It seems obvious he remains bitter towards Hollywood because he didn't get to finish it. As far as the cast goes, it mostly looks good except for Liv Tyler as Arwen, but that's a really minor part. I just hope they don't make it more important than it is in the book. And how perfect is Ian McKellen as Gandalf? Wowzers.
I am concerned by the rumor that there will be no Tom Bombadil scene in the first movie, however, as that would mean no appearance by Fatty Lumpkin, one of the horses. Maggie loves Fatty Lumpkin. It won't be much comfort to know that Bill the horse is definitely in.

Other upcoming Geek movies: The Matrix II(and III, as well), which isn't starting shooting until late next year for a 2002 release, of course there's Star Wars: Episode II. Despite the disappointment of Episode I my hopes are still high. You can really find out way too much information through links like the previous one, but it's still pretty cool. Geek movie synergy: Christopher Lee, who plays the Emperor in the Star Wars movies, will play Saruman in the Lord of the Rings movies. Pretty nifty, eh?


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