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The last few posts have been lacking in links of mirth if not frivolity. I will attempt to rectify that, but with the SCOTUS still out to lunch, I fear I will be unsuccessful in my attempt to avoid politics altogether. I write these posts in a stream of consciousness, attempting to clear my temporary links folder on my browser ( I use Netscape, I don't like Explorer, simply because of the bookmark format. Those who get bent out of shape over different browsers should get a life or a job in the industry). With no further ado, some random links to get a smile.

The top 50 moments in Simpsons history. Obviously subjective but some funny stuff in there. I particularly like number 11, the "Flintstones" theme song parody. I'm about to hit a chestnut tree. (This link taken from Linkmachinego, which took it from another blog, which probably took it from another and another ad infinitum. This blog etiquette thing is silly. Should I have to credit a blog that already credited another one? Should I credit the other one even though I've never been there? Are the blog police going to check on me?)

Are hippos the most dangerous animal of them all? As Dave Barry would say, I Am Not Making This Up. (Found by me, dammit, from the Straight Dope website, a truly buttocks kicking page. Go hunt in the archives for an hour if you have nothing to do at work.)

Speaking of Dave Barry, this is his holiday gift guide. Always good for a laugh, and yes, he does say that he isn't making it up.

Not exactly mirthful, but I have been using stuff off of this bookmarklets page. Now ordinarily web utilities bore and annoy me when blogged, but this is an exception. Basically, these are little links that you can put in your bookmarks file or on your personal toolbar. There are some really neat things here like quick reference guides to all the color combinations for text/background you can handle. I also like the ROT13 encoder. That's a bookmarklet that pops up a little text box so you can put a coded message that only others with that encoder/decoder can read. Very handy on geek pages that want to discuss key spoilers or plot twists of movies. Dhv Tba Wvaa vf xvyyrq ol Qnegu Znhy.

Finally, there is that court case out there. I'd just like to go on the record as saying that the GOP has really shown their hypocrisy on several different aspects of this process. The politicization of the Supreme Court is a dangerous precedent that I still hope they can back down from, but I am not sure. And these are the (overseas) companies your next president will be beholden to. But I'm glad Bush wasn't running in "borrowed clothes." No, but that name sure helps, especially when your pappy has gone on to be perhaps the most unprincipled, self-interested, money hungry ex president alive. Why wasn't Jimmy Carter monitoring our elections? He went to Haiti, that's only about 200 miles from Florida.


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