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Mag, Krista, and I are going to see the Dungeons and Dragons movie tonight. I've seen two reviews so far with hard core pans in both. Screw that. I know this is going to be a fabulous movie, like Con Air: so bad it kicks ass. Look for my review tomorrow as part of the "geek movie preview." Actually, the only other geek movies I know about that are upcoming are the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings movie and Star Wars: Episode II, so it won't be a big special.

I looked at the post from yesterday and wondered if any fellow bloggers looked at it how offended they'd get. I resolved to find good weblogs that were lesser known and share them, and then I STICK BY MY PREVIOUS STATEMENT. For the love of god, how boring can you get? Example: technically proficient, far more so than mine, but chock full of inside jokes and unentertaining links. Sorry. Slipped back into the rant/rave mode. I did find some that are worthwhile.
This blog is a sweetly angst-ridden blog of a Midwestern girl unencumbered by technical proficiency or a color scheme that's easy to read.
This 'publog' is a journal of London, England area pubs that the authors visit and review. Cool concept, no links, and the same auto-template in Blogspot as this one. Jeez, I'm never going to get any blogger cred until I change the look of this. To demonstrate how common this is, I found this blog that also has the same template. Its theme is religious based links, although the author uses a Clintonesque reading of the links to fit that (including a Salon review of the D & D movie that I'll probably link to tomorrow.

Random sick, twisted, intriguing link of the day: The lucrative market for used underwear on Ebay and Yahoo! auctions. Ecch.

Random hilarious link of the day: The latest in the Onion's Herbert Kornfeld series. If you can understand ebonics, this is a must read. If you have no idea what a "beeyotch" is, then don't bother.


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