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Preliminary census figures are out. Minnesota will keep all eight of our seats, while Oklahoma will lose a seat. I find it interesting that in the Oklahoman article that Governor Keating is blaming the state's lack of a "Right to Work" law for the slow growth of the population. Ok, that's outstanding. Peel back the last vestiges of the progressive history of the state, that's a great idea. People often fail to understand that these reapportionment battles are quite often a more important story than elections. How districts are drawn has a big impact on the type of candidate who can be elected out of that district. In Oklahoma, inevitably two congressmen (yes, they're all male) will have to run against each other. I vote for an ex-football player runoff of JC Watts vs. Steve Largent. Both of them are way too easy of a target to make any snide remarks.

I think it would be very bizarre to be the guy who checked the police scanner and heard his wife getting pulled over for a DUI. (Link from the Obscure Store.

I've heard a lot about how Microsoft is evil, but never really paid it too much mind how much of the industry they control. This article lays down a pretty good nightmare scenario for what their nefarious plans are all building to. It will be very interesting to see how a new Bush Justice department under the auspices of John "I lost to a dead man" Ashcroft pursues the MS antitrust case. (Link from the Null Device)

Gael, who does PCJM, pointed me to another of her weblogs, the Alt log. It's a blog of independent newspapers. Pretty cool. I like those papers too, and always check the Willamette Week site, which is the alt-weekly for Portland. They've just redesigned their site, and with all of the exclamations bandied about it looks like Salon now.

If anyone is just looking for a fascinating link, try this one. It's a transcript of an online chat with Koko the gorilla (memory jogger: the gorilla that knows sign language and keeps kittens as pets). Sample from chat:

Terry asks: "Do you have dreams when you sleep?"

Koko the Gorilla
Me. Yes. Dream candy.



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