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Today is World AIDS day. To commemorate it, a prominent weblogger is sponsoring a Day Without Weblogs, where blogs are ignored and not updated as a tool for visibility. Now, call me silly, but (Silly Butt!) how the hell is not updating your blog going to do anything about AIDS? Obviously I'm not participating but figured I'd give it some press. More on my mind than AIDS are myocardial infarctions, which remain the number one killer of people in America and very recently killed someone I loved dearly. So everyone take care of themselves.

I found this article on the "Battle" of the Washita in the Norman Transcript. For those not in the know, this was a massacre (on a reservation, no less) where Custer slaughtered hundreds of women, children, and horses pretty much because he felt like it. The article is a pretty good one, and includes a discussion of the effort to make the site one of our newest national monuments. I especially thought the part of how local kids would go to the bluff where they shot the horses to dig lead for fishing weights was interesting. Makes you wonder what sort of history is in your backyard. I was outraged that after this nice article some clown posted a reply justifying Custer's actions as a deterrent to raiders in Kansas (although, to be fair, he claimed he wasn't trying to justify it). I replied as well, so such stupidity wouldn't go unchallenged. You may remember this "battle" as the one featured in Little Big Man, starring Dustin Hoffman.

Tomorrow is the Big XII Championship Game between Oklahoma and Kansas State. I'll post a pregame special either tonight or tomorrow after the LSAT. Wish me luck!

Hm. Just screwed up one character of code and messed up the page pretty good. Here's the rest of what I was trying to post:

Found this long article about this scientist who thinks he's on to a totally different way to look at the world. A revolutionary genius or megalomaniac fruitcake (or combination of the two)? You be the judge. (from Metafilter)


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