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Well, I sent Gary home and now it's really dead here at the office. I've been looking for more Minnesota Blogs, and found this US weblog map that purports to show where US blogs hail from. I say purports, because there are two spots for Minnesota, that correspond to the Twin Cities and Bemidji. However, I look at the actual entries, and realize those two spots are supposed to be for St Paul and Minneapolis. Huh?

That isn't the only reason I'm disappointed with the list. It's pretty short, a total of ten sites listed. Three of the sites I already knew about and were on my MNBLOG list from yesterday. I'm rapidly coming to the realization that I don't want to keep track of Minnesota blogs, I more want to keep a list of Good Minnesota blogs. Now that I've officially crossed the line and am making a Normative Statement about the value of these blogs, I'd probably better justify it. . . . Of the other seven on the list: One has moved out of state, this one hasn't been updated since July, this one hasn't been updated since August, and these two are not the type of weblog I like: 1. (Too technically oriented), 2. (Infrequent posts, too short, weird). On the other hand, This is a very nice log and makes the list. The Star Tribune Weblog is also on the list, but I'm always wary to include Pro blogs with "normal" amateur ones. I've just fit it in with the other pro blogs to the left (giving equal linkage now to the Strib and the Pio Press, which is unfortunate considering that the Pio Press is, being from St Paul, of course the Good newspaper in the Twin Cities paper chase).

Oh, I also saw an entry for a blog from Norman (home town, picture from today post-ice storm): Truly a wretched blog. Warrants for this claim: Well, it's got ugly pictures, no links (ok, one. Doesn't really count), and the text box is probably about 10% of the page space. And the authors don't say anything worth saying anyway. Stupid.

Bonus link:

If I need to take my homebrew to space I guess I'll have to keg it in one of these. Ok. Let me ask the obvious, here. Why do we need to take beer to space? Why would they need to test it in a ride on the "Vomit Comit?" Anyone figure that out let me know.


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