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At some point last night the good folks at Blogger got the first new server. I imagine the skies cleared, the birds sang, and for one brief shining moment a beatific peace and silence fell over the whole blogging world and a heavenly host of angels sang. In other words, we're back to full steam. You'll notice that since the Great Leap Forward I've added some key features I've been putting off. Please note that Hobbsblog II now has archives, located to the left. Also, I've installed a discussion system powered by Blogvoices, which was remarkably easy to put in.

Bill Clinton has begun demonstrating to all the Nader supporters out there the difference between a Democratic and Republican president. First, he's just announced a huge new package of logging restrictions over the National Forest system. Among the features of this executive order are
-- bans on new roads in roadless areas;
-- protection for nearly all of the Tongass national forest in Alaska, which just happens to contain 14% of the world's total acreage of temperate rain forest;
-- designation of a total area of forest off limits to logging greater than the total area of the National Park system

Those who think Bush would even consider doing something like this may now stand on their heads.

Sure, there are parts of this order that may not go far enough. There is a grandfather clause allowing timber sales that have been approved to go through, and there is a thinning provision designed to allow for fire abatement that could be abused, but overall this may be the single most important environmental executive order ever. Clinton has covered his butt well, too, by waiting over a year for the "public discussion" phase of his initiative to go through. Many groups are near hysteria over this initiative, and that's fine with me. Among the criticisms is that Clinton's order doesn't count old dirt tracks as roads. "You would think that a road would be safe from being declared a "roadless" area and threatened with Wilderness," says that previous page I linked. Say what? How does an area get "threatened" by wilderness? These people are weird. Clinton also has sparked rightist hysteria with other executive orders that prohibit hate crimes against federal employees, declarations of federal authority over threatened rivers, and the enormous Escalante national monument declaration back in '96 (which was everyone's stock non-uniqueness answer on a Clinton Cred disad -- whoops, sorry for the debate lingo).

The only question now is whether the Shrub can stop these new areas when he gets into office. I hope not. That's what gridlock is for, baby. Here's the great part: Clinton probably will announce more of these land grabs, sending those on the right into apoplectic fits. Enjoy it while you can, because here come the big Oil executives.

Ok, I am not sure what to say about this. My mom likes weird links, too, and occasionally sends them to me. There is no way I would ever have found this one if she hadn't sent it to me. I probably wouldn't have posted it, either, because I have a standard for links I post, and that standard is: would it make my mother blush? Mom, I guess I underestimated ya. With no further ado, the online museum of menstruation.


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