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Blogger is glacial. I'd just like to point that out.

The DSB now has three posts, but due to Blogger's format, the chronology is bizarre. I'd like it to format in a chronological fashion latest post on the bottom. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be an option. I'm going to need to figure out how to alter the code. Suggestions are appreciated.

Why are there so many personality tests on the web? Testing in general really seems to be popular. We test our schoolchildren every year, with huge stakes involved. Unfortunately, test taking often means lowering the learning that happens in classrooms. The same seems to be true about personality tests, too.

This one purports to tell the "Emotional IQ" of the test taker, with ten (10) multiple choice questions. All right!! I got an 80 out of 200. I am emotionally retarded.

This one is much better. It's longer, and goes more in depth. It's still stupid, mind you, but in some cases (I've had friends and family take it) it actually seems to get stuff right. This is a new version of one I've taken before, so I can't post my results until I re-take it.

This one is the worst of them all. It claims to gain insight into your mind based on what order you click on colors. This particular page is a ripoff of the original, which has suffered from link rot. I haven't bothered to take this faux version, but rest assured that the original didn't tell me anything about myself.

Gratutitous link appealling to the prurient interest: Do nipples have erectile tissue?
From the fine Dr. Karl's Homework Page. Other entries answer such questions as, "Do bullets fired up gain enough velocity on the way down to hurt you?" (yes) From the excellent bOING bOING.

I'm going to install a discussion function this weekend. Some of my regulars have agitated for it.


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