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Blogger is running slowly if at all today. I'll be pleasantly surprised if this posts.
The Dynamic Storytelling Blog is up and running. My good friend Aleava has bravely written the first installment. I got the idea for a progressive web story from an old game that me and my old roommate Dave Noyes would play with our friends in college. We'd write a paragraph, fold over the page until only the last sentence showed, and then pass it on. The results were always hilarious. Aleava has taken this one and run with it hard in the fantasy vein. The members will write their pieces as they/we see fit, and the next will pick it up and run with it. It should be fun.

The Sooners indeed won last night, 13-2. Somehow I doubt that Norman will break out into any rioting, but you never can be too sure.

When I started this weblog mid November, I knew for sure who my audience was. My mom, my dad, my sister, my brother, and about a half dozen friends. Something happened between then and now and many more people now read this. That leads me to a key problem in writing a log or anything else, for that matter: the question of audience. This writers' page has you ask these key questions before doing any writing:

Who are my readers?
I just said, I really don't know.

How well informed are my readers about the subject?
When I started, not at all. Others that are coming onto my page are well ingrained in the weblogging oeuvre, so I don't have to do the remedial type posts I once did. Otherwise, I'm kind of lost. For instance, those in the weblog circle will know instantly what I mean if I talk about memes while those not in the know will respond like I did when I first saw it the word.

How interested and attentive are they likely to be?
Ha, ha. I know what kind of a surfer I am. Each page has approximately 15 seconds to justify itself or wham! I'm outta there. Thus, I try to have something funny or engaging (or appealing to the prurient interest) just about every day so people with short attention spans don't lose interest.

What is my relationship to them?
I don't know. See above.

So, basically, I don't know who I'm writing to or what I'm doing. That is super appropriate considering I don't know anything about the tech side of the blog equation either.

Quick links:

This is the story of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. I'm sure you've seen snippets of the video.

Jeff and I ran a debate case advocating this. Basically this organization wants to create a huge area in the plains where the bison can roam.

How do I make so much snot when I have a cold? I'm glad someone is handling the important questions out there.

Incidentally, you produce less mucus than you may think.
One experiment showed that on the peak day of a cold the average person produces about 14 grams
of drippings, or roughly half an ounce.


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