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First one down. Linda Chavez will apparently step down after violating the Zoe Baird rules. Labor Unions were understandably peeved that she was nominated in the first place for the Department of Labor:

Ms. Chavez doesn't even attempt to conceal her disdain for the labor movement. Just last summer she wrote, "Union members are hardly representative of the American working public."(From the next link)

Personally, I would like a new rule for nominees: Anyone who has ever hired domestic help, Guatamalan, El Salvadoran, Irish, or whatever should be excluded. Calling Merry Maids once a year does not count. I want a quick count of all those out there who have domestic help. And they say this Cabinet "looks like America." What crap.

Who's next? (NY Times, free registration required) Gale Norton, nominated to head the Department of Interior, is a former lobbyist for the Lead industry:

Almost as soon as the announcement was made the wire services were crackling with stories about her lobbying efforts on behalf of a lead-paint manufacturer that is facing numerous lawsuits. The company was identified as NL Industries of Houston. It used to be called the National Lead Company. According to The Associated Press,"The company said it has been named a defendant in suits involving 75 Superfund or other toxic-waste sites, plus a dozen lawsuits involving children allegedly poisoned by lead paint."

Maybe her? On the other hand, there's the Oil lobbyists and executives, who now occupy the presidency, vice presidency, Commerce, and countless other posts. She might be too much like the rest to be singled out. I've already posted two links about how much Ashcroft sucks, so I'll leave that to everyone else.

The Christianity Today weblog is very interested in the religious lives of our political figures. In this episode, Clinton gives a 13 minute sermon and GW Bush personally witnesses for thirty minutes. (Link cribbed from Metafilter, which frankly has been kind of boring recently)

An outgoing columnist, Stephen Pollard, recently wrote his last column for the (British) Daily Express. As you will see by the highlighted letters, there's a bit of a message there for the Express's hated owner, Richard Desmond. Unfortunately, his new employer caught onto this particular act of rebellion and sacked him before he even started. Please note the prosaic fashion used to describe what was written:

The first letter of the first four (sentences) spelled what one Sunday newspaper described yesterday as "an Anglo-Saxon expletive more commonly found on the lips of Liam Gallagher than in the paper that was once the voice of Queen, country and empire".

Those wacky Brits.

I'm about due for another "lesser-known blog review." Look for it tomorrow.


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