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Teacher Made me go to the Principal When I was Dirty

Well, when one runs out of smart, important ideas to blog about, one can always fall back on the never failing LAPIs. For those not following my weird vocabulary, those are Links Appealling to the Prurient Interest. This I saw on Comedy Central last night, and now complete with terrible captions: Poor Jenna Bush falling out of her dress while dancing with President Shrub. This is a great country that can tolerate such crap about our leaders and their families. While I'm posting this dung, I might also point out this class paper written by the same Ms. Bush in the form of an updated fairy tale featuring a black version of Cinderalla called "Chandarella." They removed the link shortly after this became public (it was on a server at the U of Texas) but through the miracle of Google it's cached for posterity. Thanks, internet fairy!

If you are into these LAPIs, you might want to check out I Love Bacon, a juvenile site of flashing, dirty jokes, leg breaking videos, and other culture rot. Not all the pictures there are dirty, however. This one is of a big electronic marquee in Vegas with a clearly discernible error box that says "out of virtual memory." That's funny. So is this, the sign at the entrance of the "Golgotha Fun Park." I'm sure that it is not nearly as much fun as the Holy Land Theme Park, a big money Christian theme park in Orlando, complete with a Jesus' tomb attraction, a replica Via Dolorosa, and fake Herod's temple. All right!! No mention when Jesus will show up to throw the money changers out of this one. (Via Metafilter.)
One more LAPI: I think of this as the LAPI blog: Dr. Menlo. It's got good links and plenty of flesh.

Plug away!!

My boy Jeff has just started his very own blog (ha! another joins the dark side) and it looks like it will be very good. It's called the Shadow Government of the United States and it features running critiques of the W administration along with a shadow cabinet and links. Also, the DSB is back to churning out new entries after a few days hiatus. I'm enjoying it a lot still, although I think I'll extend the front page to include all the posts, instead of making new readers start in the archives. Finally, I saw this morning that Blogvoices, the comment system I used, is shutting down. That sucks; mostly because all the other types of comment programs require some degree of technical skill to figure it out. The advantage of BV is its simplicity and html-by-numbers, which is what I still need to do squat. I'll figure something out, but it's not like I had massive amounts of comments anyway. I've noticed I'm falling into a pattern of posting something Deep and Important a couple of days in a row, then feeling self conscious about losing my sense of whimsy, so then I blog a few trite, silly links, which makes me feel like the site is devolving, so I go back to the Deep and Important topics, restarting the pattern. If you're keeping track, I think I'm due for something Deep tomorrow. Or maybe not. I'll just listen to my muse.


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