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The Beginning of the End?

or, Whatever

The folks over at Metafilter are freaking out because the CEO of Pyra (which runs Blogger) has posted an essay on his blog about what deep poop his company is in. This has me a little twitchy, too, seeing as the spotty performance that Blogger has been giving me the last two days, and the fact that I couldn't code my way out of a paper bag. It's only through a service like Blogger that I'm able to run this; and if Blogger were to go tits up I'd have to expend quite a bit of effort to switch to another service. Actually, it would be a huge amount of work, necessitating the change to "Hobbsblog III," which I don't want, if for no other reason the fact that "Electric Boogaloo" only works as a descriptor for number II. Speaking of which, I think Star Wars II should be called that.

Anyway, coupled with the revelation that Saturn is going on indefinite hiatus, I've been somewhat down on the whole blogging thing all day. That was the one I parodied last week, if you recall. I've got motivation from here to Tuesday, but I can't shake the thought that I entered this game on the downslope, when things were beginning to fall apart.

Jesus, what self indulgent drivel. Screw that. This blog is unlike any other out there; I'll keep doing it if I have to code this by hand (UGH!!! AUGGGH!!) so why worry? Whatever. I'm on a Mission from God.

Random link and an Update or Two

This is a highly interesting article about the fire burning in a coal seam under Centralia, PA since the 1960s. The government has been trying to relocate the eighty or so residents still there, but they seem pretty firm in their conviction that the real motivation behind this effort is to get at the billions and billions of dollars of ultra high grade anthracite coal under them. A must read.

Update for those concerned about my announced "expunging" from Monday. Ok, I admit it; I'm a wild man. I'm almost as crazy as this guy. That caffeine addiction is really kicking my ass. I had to be put in a straightjacket for a while to calm the fears of my neighbors. Whatever.

Update on the energy crisis and Bush's campaign contributers from yesterday: Arianna Huffington comes down on my side, connecting the dots between this problem and campaign finance reform.


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