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Deadline Pushing

Today, as you may or may not have noticed, is the 28th day of February. It's the last day before March First. That means that law school applications are due tomorrow. I'll not make too many excuses, but that is the reason for the truncated edition today, but you can content yourselves with some fine links. This whole process of law school apps has been terribly off-the-cuff. I had just registered for the LSAT last year when everything went crazy, of which you can surmise the details if you read my early archives. Anyone looking for more versions of the Tortoise video will have to wait; my boy Charlie Garrison or Team Achilles© member Jay Ashfield will be doing some video editing for easy, bite sized chunks of highlights, and those will be ready soon but no date for sure.

Parasitology update: Do worms leave the body when you get anesthetized? The answer? Sorta. Sometimes. But check out the bit on the Guinea worms. Ewwww.

On reclaiming the word Pussy.

"My feeling is that we're on the verge of reclaiming 'cunt,' a fine old Middle English word, but we're not there yet with 'pussy,'" said Jong. "Pussy remains humorous, if not insulting. At the moment pussy is a laugh . It always gets them rolling on the floors in ' [the] Vagina [Monologues].'"

Reminds me of Magnolia, a movie Mag and I just rented. It was interesting, but Maggie may never get over the lack of synergy between the intro and the movie. And that last scene didn't get a "My Ass." Ask me why, if ya care.

Hmm, while I'm riding the LAPI bus, let's meet the 18-year old observant Jew who's the Emir of Porn in London.
Wow, I only ripped off from one other blog today: the Guardian.


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