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My Ass

I have a way of rating ridiculousness in movies, television shows, and plays; the "My Ass" method. It works as follows. If I am watching a movie that has a particularly improbable turn of events, I utter "My Ass!" One tallies the "My Asses" at the end of the movie, and that total comprises the "My Ass" rating. I think the all time leader is "Wild Wild West," with a close second going to "Con Air." Now, this doesn't say anything about how much I like a movie. I loved "Con Air," which is a classic in the "so-bad-it's-good" genre, while despising "Wild Wild West" with the burning power of a thousand suns. I mention this because I spotted this article that seems to have the same rating system. Actually, it's a (fake) science report with a URL that indicates the U of Wisconsin, which smells like Onion to me. This article was found at, well, Found.

Science! And other links

Apparently dolphins don't just use the clicks and whistles to navigate, but actually use their vocalizations to stun and kill fish to eat. Whoa. Via the always good MNBLOG Honeyguide.

Update: pro wrestling. Apparently there are people that are trying this at home.

Take Luke Hadley, 21, of Sturgeon Bay, Wis. McMahon hasn't discovered him yet -- maybe because the WWF refuses to watch homemade wrestling videos it receives -- but that's not because Hadley isn't trying. He says he's had 10 concussions, a broken arm, a broken tailbone and five horrific falls, and he's got a hundred scars and a few soft spots in his brain to prove it. "Sometimes I want to say stuff, and no words come out," he says. He doesn't have any insurance, but, "in 20 years, after I hit it big, I'll be able to afford all the surgeries I need." Damn right, Luke.

It's my position that Angie Harmon is inferior as a Law & Order assistant D.A. to Jill Hennessy. Maybe it could be that Angie Harmon was in Baywatch Nights? How bizarre.


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