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Napster Lives!

Score one for Science

I've been downloading a crapload of Napster stuff this last weekend in case it was shut down. But, in a decision just handed down, the appeals court let Napster stay alive, for now, although things look downright grim long term. Most of what I've been downloading fit into the "Smoove" category. Lots of Glen Miller, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Benny Goodman. I don't know if recordings that old are still under copyright anyway. One thing I've noticed recently is that I know what song I want most of the time, but often I can't remember the name of it. Consider "Estranged" by Guns 'n' Roses; a fine song, off of "Use Your Illusion II," I think. The word "estranged" is never used in "Estranged," unless I'm missing a key warble in Axl's screechy voice. But finally science has an answer: software that can recognize a tune you whistle or hum to your computer. If you can't even do that, just tap the rhythm. Seriously cool, no?

In other scientific news, a fishing crew brought back a massive giant squid off the coast of Australia. Apparently these cephalopods taste awful (so they say).

However, he thought humans were unlikely to start hunting them for food because of ammonia pockets in their flesh used for buoyancy control. "You'd get giant calamari rings the size of car tyres, but they'd taste like floor cleaner," Dr Norman said.

Discouraging news if you want Jurassic Park to happen: scientists involved in a genetic sequencing project have good reason to be very pessimistic about chances of cloning extinct animals.

Finally, in the day's most important science news, the asteroid probe NEAR Shoemaker has landed on the Eros asteroid. Apparently, it even survived the landing. I'm sure I'll have more material from this as pictures begin streaming in.

Fear and Loathing for men everywhere

So we all know what's on Wednesday. Well, it sucks. If you're not in a couple, you get reminded of it. If you are in a couple, you have to Do Something About It. Well, I don't want to spend any money. It's a silly trick by companies to capitalize on a sense of obligation towards people we care about. Same trick as Xmas and any other Greeting Card Holiday. So, consider sending some of these VD cards. They're free, and well made too (by a blogger!).

An interesting article from the alternative weekly for Las Vegas: a writer retraces the steps of Hunter S Thompson's "Fear and Loathing." Some serious attention to detail was paid by the writer. Kudos, I think.

Here's an article arguing that VD should be spent drinking good beer, specifically lambic. Now, if you've never had lambic, let me warn you of a couple of things.

1. It's expensive; as much as $6-7 a pint.

2. It's funny tasting. I mean really; most beer brewers do their damnedest to keep their brewing beer free of any bacteria and airborne contaminants, but lambic is done to deliberately inoculate the beer with free range yeast and other bacteria. It tastes funky; with a sweeter taste than other beers, and little of the hoppy bitter that balances other beers. I do like it, mind you, it just doesn't taste much like Beer as we know it.

3. See number 1. If you do get this for your date, you should probably let them know about Number 2, get their approval, and then subtly let them know about Number 1. That should get you in good with your lady friend.

Finally, a LAPI a day for VD week: The Portland Mercury Sex Survey Results. Are queer boys really that promiscuous, or is there a serious sample skew going on here?


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