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Now he's stepped in it

It's my duty as a Minnesotan to report to you from time to time the exploits of ours, the most famous governor in the United States, Jesse Ventura (see sidebar for introductory pieces). Well, now he's decided to make the press corps that cover him wear badges like the one you see in front of you. This seems like a terrible idea, for a few reasons.

1. He's been under criticism from pundits, lawmakers, and ethicists for a while because of his outside money making activity. Why stir this sentiment up? I have no real philosophical problems with him writing books while in office, but to wear a badge that publicizes his last book seems over the line, as far as I'm concerned.

2. It says clearly on the back that Ventura reserves the right to revoke the badge for any reason. Excuse me? He can just cut off a member of the press that irritates him? This seems terribly imperious.

3. It's unnecessary; Reporters at the capitol already have to carry state Congress security tags; I can't see why that isn't good enough (memo to self: apply for Jesse tag, on the grounds that this is a fine journalistic publication).

The best part of this is the reactions. The Pioneer Press has returned theirs to the office of the governor, stating they are beneath the dignity of their reporters (snicker). The governor's press guy, John Wodele blasted the Pio Press, saying they are the "They are the most uptight, snooty, self-righteous organization I've ever dealt with."


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