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Sharing more Lesser Known Blogs, sort of

It's been about a month or so since I've done my one sentence reviews of lesser known blogs. No, the irony isn't lost on me; I realize this isn't exactly a high traffic site. Yet, my prime audience doesn't exactly get out into the crosslinked hell that is the blog world much, and I enjoy kicking some bloggers props, even if they don't always like what I say. On the other hand, my number one referrer is this guy, so I guess what they say about no such thing as bad publicity is true, right? I do notice that Mr. Nathanism, or Mook Boy as I like to call him, doesn't even have the cajones to leave up his original post that I responded to. That doesn't exactly seem sporting to me. But, thanks anyway, dude!

Exit 200 is a one sentence link style blog, which isn't a bad thing, I guess; many well respected blogs have that format. I liked this one because it had a link to a cool article on why you should have your kids play Dungeons & Dragons.

Ok, admittedly, these next three aren't what I'd call "lesser known" blogs; they have traffic that dwarfs mine. But, all of them are Manila sites, and thus not really in the same circle of bloggers that I run with (they're Bloods to our Crips, I guess; or Sharks vs. Jets, or whatever other gang metaphor you want to substitute). The first is Views from the Heart, a very nicely written blog. The second is Blivet, which has good links that I've been meaning to steal from for a while. The third is Irights, which is a not-too-technical 'net blog.

In the same vein, this MeFi thread has a bunch of fine blogs to go surf if ya got the time. I'd never heard of Blind Wino, for instance, and I really enjoyed that.

I've noticed a lot of assumed information in the postings about bloggers; there's some sort of split they perceive in Log vs. Journals, and quite frankly I'm baffled. I notice many blogs just post links, many just write about their personal lives. I admit, I'm terribly wary about doing that, because I don't want to think of myself as narcissistic, which is why I usually try to let some time go by since my last "personal" posting before I write more. I try to have a topical post of the day, followed by a couple of random links. What's up with the creedalism?

Random Links

According to this report, a couple of component designers for Morton Thiokol knew the Challenger was likely to explode fifteen years ago and were unable to stop the launch.

Hey, mom, don't you think Boiling Springs needs an Ice Cream, Espresso, and Casket business? I ask that because BS already has the Pizza, Subs, and Dry Cleaning establishment. I also think the Italian/Greek restaurant is somewhat weird too, but no one asked me.

Yesterday's wasn't a LAPI, now THAT'S a LAPI (a Link Appealling to the Prurient Interest, to bring new readers up to speed on my terminology). From the Alt-log.


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