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End of the week Levity

When we were in Munich for two weeks at the end of 1998, there were many amusing things posted on the wall of the apartment at which we were staying. One of them was this:


The police are British
The mechanics are German
The cooks are French
The lovers are Italian
And the whole thing is organized by the Swiss;


The police are German
The cooks are British
The mechanics are French
The lovers are Swiss
And the whole thing is organized by the Italians.

Oh, so true. Another funny sign was in the bathroom (er, WC), which read: "Keine Binden in den Toiletten Werfen." Considering the style of toilet they had, also known as the "Shit Shelf," I can see why they didn't want any Binden thrown in the toilet (Americans only know those blessed water hungry toilets we have here. On the Continent, just about all the Johns I saw had a flat platform upon which one, uh, deposits his or her waste, which is then rinsed by water into the drain when one is done. Needless to say, bathroom facilities in Europe are somewhat more malodorous than their American cousins). Fortunately, I am male, so the sign didn't apply to me.

I've mentioned before the cycles of bloggage I go through. If I write serious posts a couple of days in a row, I think I'm getting stodgy and thus make sure I need to write something funny or get links of hilarity or whatever. If I write too much in a frivolous vein I get the opposite reaction. You'll see where I'm going.


Ok, who forgot to tell Nickelodeon about that scene in Three's Company when John Ritter's scrotum falls out of his shorts?

I'm delighted to share the Breast Chronicles, a Brit blog about, well, mammaries. ("Misty water covered mammaries....." sorry)

Dr. Menlo took note of me calling him the "LAPI blog," and even recognized it as a compliment. Very nice. He's currently featuring the Sand Spring calendar, that my boy Jeff tipped me off to about a month ago but I failed to blog at the time. Jeff has married into a family of nudists, which has helped to inspire the debate team he coaches to run Nekkidness as a case on the privacy topic (whoops, a little debatespeak creeps into this site). The Sand Springs ladies are posing nude to raise money to save the habitat on their island. Maybe they were inspired by the Aussie women's soccer team, who similarly posed for some ca$h money. Now THAT's sport. Wow.


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