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Link Jettison Edition

It's been a week at work where I have to actually do work. It's been irritating, and doing work trades off directly with quality blog time. So, where to start, where to start. Ok, I'll begin with a tangential update.

Recently I blogged the researchers that got to dress up in the moose outfit and throw urine soaked snowballs at the moose. Now there's a story about a Norwegian moose that tried to mate with a car, got frustrated, and defecated on it. Via Cheesedip. Speaking of Moose, my favorite name for a blog is probably Mooselessness, a name so catchy that I sometimes just start thinking of my life as a state of Mooselessness. While trying to remember the URL for that site I just typed in www.mooselessness.com and was surprised to find that it's actually a site that belongs to some house somewhere. Bizarre. Mooselessness the weblog is published from Victoria, B.C., where Hobbsblog fanatics will remember Mag and I honeymooned last October.

Next weakly threaded series of links: FOOD. At good ol' Norman High School, I was a part of a special English class called Ægis, taught by legendary figurehead Dr. Betsy Ballard, and one of the things we did was read the Canterbury Tales in Middle English. To this day, I recite the opening lines with a massively overdone flourish to impress and irritate party guests (kinda like my odd remembrance of every president of the US in order): "Whan that Aprille with the shoures soute, the droghte of Marche hath perced to the roote…" Ok, enough of that. Why didn't Dr. Ballard help our enthusiasm for the period by cooking us Medieval Food? Among the choice selections are such things as Tourtes Parmeriennes, which are meat pies with crenellated pasta. Looks good, although I'm a bit more leery of wine thickened with eggs. Hmm. From old to very very very new; the latest convenient food item is: Push-up food. The pictured example in the link is push-up Mac and cheese. Seriously. It's just like those Push-Ups Sherbet pops we ate as kids, but grosser. From Blue Ruin, again. I take too many links from Catherine. It's embarassing.

Damn, I still have more links to dump

For those still looking for a team to root for in the NCAA basketball tourney, this article gives you a good background on John Chaney, coach of the Temple Owls, and was enough to make me want them to win. I get the idea from all that I've seen with Temple that they're kind of like the way the Lewis & Clark debate team always was; a small school that could hang with huge state schools, always underestimated, never very highly regarded, but always scrappy, well prepared, and itching to kick some ass. Temple plays Penn State tonight. Go Owls!

Cool pictures of Mir's return to earth. Wish I could have been there.

Twin Cities radio officially sucks. Tell me something I didn't know. All I listen to is public radio. (I've found I manufacture excuses to run long errands on Sunday mornings because that's when Car Talk is on.)

Did you know there's a town called Fucking, Austria? No kidding. They sell T-shirts.

T-shirts can also be purchased at Pscho Ex Girlfriend (.com), although the funny part is the voice mail collection. Basically, this guy broke up with a girl, stole her cat, and then put the 53 (!) voice mails she left for him online for us to listen to. The first few are really funny. After that they're really sad and pathetic and I couldn't listen to any more. Still worth checking out.

Anyone still looking for a late birthday gift to get me can get this Decepticon sticker for under $3. Sean got me a gift certificate to Amazon. I am shocked, amazed, and incredibly touched. Thanks, Sean! Now go visit his website.

I still have more links but I'm tired of typing.


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