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Stupid people suck

Some cool people from Metafilter have started a mailing group that is unabashedly only for smart people. I love it. I’ve often said that stupid people are no good and should be eliminated. Ok, maybe not eliminated, but certainly it’s time to remove them from power.

That reminds me of a story. Near the end of my collegiate debate experience, we went for a tournament in Kentucky. While we were in the van, Mag saw a baby in the backseat of another car that wasn’t in a carseat. Mag immediately denounced the parent of the child as negligent, irresponsible, and generally worthless. Aleava defended the parent, as they were obviously of a lower income bracket, and piped up that she might not be able to afford the carseat. Mag, being unimpressed with this argument, quickly engaged Aleava in a somewhat heated repartee. Eventually, Mag ended the discussion by saying “Poor people shouldn’t breed,” which was obviously a throwaway line and made the van explode with laughter. For the rest of the trip, to make any of the Pioneers chortle all you needed to say was “Poor people shouldn’t breed” and that was it. I now will amend that to “Stupid people shouldn’t breed” and see who defends the right of stupid people to procreate.

The best part about making fun of stupid people is the inherent lack of defenders they have.


When I was working at Farmers’ insurance in Portland, Miles T. Benzler, a colleague, introduced me to the world of sushi and sashimi. Miles had spent a year or two in Japan, so he was very familiar with all of the foodstuffs there are. Well, I am not. Thus, when I see some of the Mysterious Snack Foods of the Far East, I am somewhat surprised and amazed. For instance, Asparagus Biscuits. Found at After the Rain.


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