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Survivor, the job

Another week over. Yee haw! More importantly, another round of layoffs apparently avoided. Now, I don't have any great love for my job, but it's the first one I've ever had that I don't just outright loathe, so that's worth something. Moreover, my boss has pledged to maintain flexibility while I go to Law School, which is awesome. Who wouldn't choose to stick around to work part timefor a job that pays pretty well for what I do? It has been pretty ugly morale-wise around the office this week. Everyone has anticipated this round of layoffs for a while, and while it looks like everyone has been spared, we've been not busy at all and that bodes ill for the future.

To help Gary and Bob pass the time, I gave them this link to the best online games. Seeing as I'm the boss, they don't have to worry too much about the boss catching them play marbles, which is the game du jour here. I brought the book I'm currently reading today, which just happens to be the latest Harry Potter, which Scott Minority helpfully allowed me to borrow.

Setting myself up

I've been getting a lot of weird search requests recently. There's a whole website devoted to this phenomenon amongst bloggers. How it works: If one checks their referrer logs, you can see how people got to your website. For example, I get a lot of "Jenna Bush falling out of dress" searches because of the entry I did after inauguration.

These next few LAPIs will help increase my amount of Disturbing Search Requests, I have no doubt.

This doctor restores men's dignity. Dignity being, I suppose, the Russian translation for "penis."

Other common problems include a break or rupture in the penis. It is impossible to break the penis when it's flaccid, but once it's erect severe pressure can rupture the corposa cavernosa - the three tubes that fill with blood to make the penis erect. Cases reported often include when a woman tries to jump on her partner and misses. As well as being extremely painful - a loud popping sound is often heard when the penis "breaks"- it can cause severe problems, both sexually and with the urinary tract, if not treated immediately.

So I can be an equal opportunity panderer, this story is from the Beaver Times (I am not making this up): Woman caught with over $2,000 stolen cash in her vaginal cavity. Banks don't want the money back. No one does, apparently. The Fed is destroying the cash. (Previous two links from the Obscure Store. Many other fine links there today, but I can only rip off two without feeling too guilty)

Inside joke within the link: Can dry humping get you pregnant? and other stupid questions fielded by online columnists. I think I'd like to be an online sex columnist. Send your questions here.


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