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I'm back in the lovely Twin Cities after a weekend of camping. We had a tremendously good time, although the wind was blowing rather beefily. I don't know if most readers have a concept of what it's like to pilot a canoe with all of one's gear loaded in it trying to skirt a shoreline with 40-50 MPH gusts of wind buffeting your vessel, but it's somewhat disconcerting. Nevertheless, I had supreme confidence in our skills and our canoe, and we passed all tests with flying colors. Overall, a very nice kickoff to camping season. I am a full believer in harder to access camping spots, and canoe-in sites are the best of all. We were perched on the edge of a lake several miles away from the nearest people; we hiked for several miles without seeing anyone; and we saw numerous neat creatures. Among the mammals we saw were the beavers that lived in a lodge about 100 yards offshore of our campsite, as well as some muskrats. For the birds, we had common loons, geese, ducks, red-tailed hawks, storks, and even a blue heron. Reptiles were surprisingly well represented; we caught (and released, of course) a garter snake and an Eastern Painted turtle, and then there were the amphibians. We never actually saw any of the 40 billion frogs we heard, but I assure you they were there. Boy, were they.

Over the weekend this site received its 5,000th unique visit. Although I'm very impressed, I know most of these hits are not exactly looking for my site. It's very amusing to me to see how people are getting here, which is why I like to keep track of the hits. The best of these I occasionally post to Disturbing Search Requests, but for some reason I've been getting a bunch of these recently. These are some of the requests I've gotten since yesterday. People enter the following searches in Yahoo! or Google and get to my site:

The inventer of jelly;
Hardcore multiple sex partner;
Gay sadistic wrestling coach;
poetry criticism on Dorothy Parker's General Review of
the Sex Situation
(now that's disturbing);
doctor boy checkup pissing sex pictures;
cost 8ball of cocaine. My favorite. Like I know.

These are just the ones that have nothing to do with my subjects. I still get several hits a week looking for the Brad the Cad saga that I blogged a long time ago, plus people looking for John Ritter's scrotum. However, the search that I get the most referrals from bar none is anything about Jenna Bush. I swear, one little bloggage about her falling out of her dress and I get five hits a day looking for that, or rumors of her dope smoking, or whatever. Ok, here's my take on Jenna; I think she's a normal college frosh doing what college frosh do. I bet she isn't any worse than her dad was. But yes, she was cited for minor in possession, and I do not doubt she's smoked a little reefer, but big deal. I bet Chelsea Clinton has too. If you want more Bush daughter gossip, try here (interestingly enough, rumor has it that the Good Twin, Barbara, had a fake ID confiscated a couple of months ago).

Now what?

How much more politics can everyone here take? I have been getting a number of links to the site based on last week's political ramblings. I'm touched and humbled. I still need to do my Free Trade take, which is a work in progress (as are all of my political views). But, if you're not sick of it, check out this take on the current state of Strom Thurmond, a bona fide Recurring Theme.

Another Wrasslin' link, this time from Blue Ruin: Legends of the WWF. A must! Featuring Andre, Jesse, and some really old school guys like Killer Kowalski. Why do I post so many wrestling links? I don't watch it, I think it's pretty dumb, but the stories are so funny.

Finally, I'm delivering my tuition deposit today to Hamline, meaning I am going officially to Law School. My good buddies Haygruh and Aleava (picture in the Bio) are going to LS at the U of M, so I'm stoked about them moving to the Land o'Lakes. I hope I'm able to do well with blogging while in school. (I've been impressed with Eric's weblog as he's been finishing his Bidness Skool. He's also moving here.) I'm sure I'll always be able to blow a little time doing this; I consider it my daily writing exercise.


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