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It's flooding time in Minnesota. On top of a massive melting snowpack, we've started to get some big rain on top of it. People are anxiously watching as the rivers rise, and stuff is already going under. Big rain is predicted over the next two days, so it can only get worse. As far as I'm concerned, rivers flood. People shouldn't build in a flood plain. When we bail out those people who do build in a flood plain, we are throwing away good money after bad. There's a reason that private insurance companies won't offer flood insurance, people. Besides, a big flood just gives the evil government within a government called FEMA practice (kidding, folks; Reagan is no longer in control).

Actually, moving people out of the flood plains is a big discussion in some of the executive agencies that have to deal with insurance and disaster relief. A new approach began to develop where houses in flood zones would get bought out and not rebuilt after floods. One of the first manifestations of this was, surprisingly enough, in Tulsa, where I was living and remember the big Memorial Day flood of 1984, which proved to be a seminal event in the area's flood strategy. Watching a flood is cool. Being in one is not. Fortunately, my parents weren't stupid and we weren't living in a flood plain.

So, the flood is coming, it should be big, and all I can think of is how that's going to affect my canoeing. Does that make me a bad person?

No, it doesn't. Here, have some links

Another alphabet link: this is an animated alphabet evolution page, and it's really neat. It's from Blue Ruin, which I have been avoiding so I don't get tempted to steal as many links. Whoops!

Maggie and I love to go to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival every fall. The turkey legs are great, and there's nothing like wandering around getting crazy food and watching people run around in stupid costumes shouting at each other in Monty Python accents and playing Dunk The Wench. For those not in in the land of L'Etoile du Nord, find the closest faire here. Mag sent me that link. She should get her own blog, so I don't get as much hell for posting such geeky crap.

Finally, this should really go on Debater's Corner, but I've recently found a huge site devoted to the world's number one psychedelic prophet, Terence McKenna. Mr. McKenna is always the key author when any debater runs a 'shrooms counterplan. Pretty crazy site, I say.


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