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I received the notice on Saturday, but weekends are my 'less dominated by the computer' time, so no time to post since then. I am officially accepted to a Law School. Hamline let me in first, and it will be tough to beat their offer. They gave me a big scholarship (the Presidential scholarship, as they term it) and for the first time I can conceive of a world where I don't graduate Law School with more student loans than before I went in. Basically this means that I will definitely go this fall, and I'm stoked.

Also, Mag and I picked out our canoe this weekend. It's a very good deal on a fiberglass/nylon composite 17' We-no-nah touring canoe. It'll be perfect for what we want to do, which is row every night and then go camping nearly every weekend. For instance, our first trip, to Scenic State Park (pdf link), features a park with two big campgrounds on the west side of the lake, and then four sites on the east side that are only accessible by canoe (or, in three sites, by a mile and a half's hike from the other side of the lake). Needless to say, we're going to the remote canoe-in site, assuming that the ice is off the lake, of course. Currently we still have ice on all the lakes here, but the forecasters are predicting sixty degrees by Friday. C'mon, spring!

Finally, I'm very very disappointed in what's going on in US Foreign Policy. In my previous indictment of the Bush II administration FP, I was voicing my concern over the unelected element of government taking control. With the E-3 plane incident, I'm more concerned that Bush might be in control after all. His China policy is reactive, and his other Foreign Initiatives have been rather pathetic so far. Bush's foreign policy team's ineptness aside, I really can't understand what the Chinese think they're doing by holding our crew incommunicado. I understand them wanting to seize the plane; that will precipitate a fairly major incident, but I can comprehend that they think the intelligence gained will outweigh the irritation caused to the U.S. Why must they hold our crew hostage? Don't they understand that nothing pisses us off worse than having our citizens held by hostile foreigners? Another day and we'll be ready to give Taiwan anything they want. Hi, Jiang. Have you met Jesse Helms? (The two last links were from MeFi)

Updates and randomness

Some scientists are analyzing hair found in Bhutan thought to come from a Yeti. Apparently there it's known as a Migyur.

Hey, a new Jack Chick tract! Always popular, this one is in support reading the Noah's flood story literally. Oh my. I especially dig the drawing of the nine hundred year old person riding the Triceratops. Really. And while I'm on another Chick kick, here's a parody of his tracts. The fake suicide element is directly from the D&D tract I posted last time.

Finally, a collection of funny stories from weddings as told by the ministers that witnessed them (from the Alt-log). I can't believe anyone would ever answer at the "Speak Now…" portion of the ceremony, but apparently they do sometimes, at least under influence of the "heroic dose" of mind altering chemicals. Nice.


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