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It's hard to concentrate on high quality bloggage when I'm literally counting hours until I can get out into the outdoors. I work in a basement, people, and today is the first time over 70 degrees since last October. It's not easy to sit still. Moreover, I keep getting distracted by my ol' buddy Jeff, who keeps sending me silly links like this one that tells the story of Irwin R. Schyster, or IRS, a bad character from early 90s WWF.

The problem with the IRS gimmick wasn't with Rotundo at all. The problem was with druids. First of all, any angle with druids sucks. As soon as you see the hooded henchmen head to the ring, kill the angle. It won't get over. Never has, never will.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Nonetheless, I can't get too down on Jeff. He's always wont to give me a crazy link or two; the geoduck one was his, for instance. Where was I? I forgot the point that I was making. (bonus points if you name the TMBG song that is a quote from…)

At Dartmouth, a major scandal has erupted over a leaked newsletter from a frat house that features, among other things, calling out ladies by name who are supposedly easy; topless pictures, and promises "upcoming date rape tips." Copies of the newsletters in question are here and here. I'm glad that my alma mater didn't have the overprivileged rich kids in frat houses. No, our overprivileged rich kids stepped shoeless out of their Lincoln Navigators, grabbed their hemp collar wearing mutts, and went to play frisbee on the lawn, smelling strongly of Patchouli. As a note to these people: Happy 4/20. The squares are on to you.

I'd save up for a piece of string…

This is a great link: art from World War I. I mean, this is a really fascinating site. I think WWI is around the time when art started to go bad. Ever since I saw an exhibit in Norman featuring an orange circle on a white background, I have been shocked and appalled at how bad much of our modern art is. No, not all of it: I think Dale Chihuly is pretty cool. Damn, another tangent. Screw it. Time to go drop my canoe in the water. (Oh yeah; that link was from GMTplus9, a first class blog from Japan.)


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