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Last month, as part of my periodic rants about dumb people, I shared a story that culminated with the phrase "Poor people shouldn't breed." A study released today says that kids that spend more time in daycare act worse. Well, no shit. You don't say? The Metafilter discussion has come down to a "poor people shouldn't breed" versus poor breeder comments. If I ever procreate I will insist on as little childcare as possible.

I devoted a whole day's bloggage several months ago to the children of Republican politicians and their children. Well, Trent Lott's son just attempted to smuggle a dog into a Southwest Airlines flight on Tuesday, and when he was foiled he said, "I can't wait to tell Daddy about this. It's gonna be real interesting the next time y'all want some legislation passed." Besides the obvious parallels to my previous complaints about our American aristocracy, the dog in question is really ugly. A seven pound Maltese kickdog, "Bosco" is exactly the dog type that most irritates me. I've been taking Relffits to dog training for three weeks now, and seeing all of these dog types is really helping me figure out which breeds I like and which I don't like. I especially don't like yippy dogs that are very small, have high pitched barks, and massive tear stains around their inevitably dingy, curly masses of ill-kempt hair. Even though Relffits isn't exactly the tallest dog in the world, at least she has a big, authoritative, full throated bark.

I feel like I've been bitching about the lack of spring this spring forever. The ice is finally leaving our lakes, and this map
is helping me keep track of which areas of the state have full ice-out. It likely isn't going to come quick enough for our first scheduled camping trip next week to Scenic state park.


I'd say this was a LAPI, except it doesn't turn ME on. All this will likely do is buy me another Disturbing Search Request: The FAQ on how to have sex with a dolphin. I hope the author is kidding. Really. (via Webmutant of MeFi.)

Here's a column giving out awards to NBA players and teams based on lines in Rocky III. I pity the fool that isn't amused by this.

(By the way, "Rocky V" never happened. You hear me? It never happened. For years, I've been hoping to get my revenge when they release the Rockys on DVD, and I'll finally get my chance next week. I'm going to purchase the 5-DVD set at Suncoast Video, immediately open the package, rip out the "Rocky V" DVD and smash it on the floor to smithereens as the stunned salespeople look on. Then I'm walking out. Can you put a price on a moment like that? I think not.)


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