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Camping time!

Maggie and I leave for our next camping trip tomorrow. We’re super stoked. We have been going over our checklist and getting everything ready. For me, this has consisted mostly of getting the automobile ready and making sure the beer and meat supplies are built up. As I’ve pointed out before, although I am a green, I have no problems eating animals. It’s entirely based out of my sympathy for evolutionary science, as well as my personal experience with meat being tasty. If it was good enough for my ancestors, it’s good enough for me. Besides, if you’re eating the quality of bratwurst I’m bringing, it’s all worth it.

As for the camping, it will be awesome. After driving for four hours due north, we will wind up at Bear Head Lake. Bear Head’s boat launch is on the north, narrowest arm of the lake. Our campsite is just more than a mile away from there on the southwest shore. Separated by a whole lake from all other humans, we will have the woods to ourselves. By the way, you can find aerial maps of most of the cool places in Minnesota here. It’s false color, so the red you see is actually green. As in forest.

Polygyny, anyone?

Been following the Utah Polygamy trial? My position on this is that it’s absolutely ridiculous. The people justifying this monstrous miscarriage of justice are doing so based on false premises. Welfare abuse, child molestation, and neglect are being used to prosecute a nontraditional family, and if those were the real offense they’d be among the charges (one charge of criminal nonsupport is among the charges, but the main event is definitely the charges of polygamy against the patriarch). If there is fraud underway, charge him with it. If there is child molestation, charge him with it. Otherwise, this just smacks of unjustifiable intrusion into the privacy of a family that wasn’t doing anything to anyone else.

By the way, there are still several clusters of polygynous Mormon splinter groups still in the Great Basin. This page is the best one by far, entitled “Women want polygamy.” I sent that to Maggie with the header “Can we get another wife?” She wasn’t too keen on the subject, until I promised that the new wife could do all the household chores and cooking.

Hey, anyone wanting to laugh can check out me with a ridiculous moustache that I had for the Mystery Party last February. I finally have pictures and will have to upload it soon. Has everyone read Maggie’s review of A Knight’s Tale yet?


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