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Could be worse

Today has been a tough day to blog for. My internet here at the office was down for much of the afternoon, and I had to actually work for most of the morning, which means my normal routine has been disrupted. Garn. I've essentially decided that barring any major developments, I am going to throw my deposit for Hamline into the crapper and go to the U of M. My decisionmaking process has been a fairly thorough one, and although this choice makes things rather difficult financially for the next three years, I am not unhappy with it. After all, after I graduate, I don't anticipate there being any major financial problems from that point. I guess my decision is mainly based on what mom said, about taking into account the factors that don't have anything to do with the shallow considerations of money and prestige. Although those are important things to think about, I'm mostly enervated by the possibility that for once I can match my skills versus some of the best out there and see how much I can learn and excel in a difficult academic environment. I have coasted through school my entire life on knowledge I had before I took any of the courses. I am excited to consider learning something new and actually trying. It's going to be a great, hellish three years.

Does William Butler Yeats look like me? (Compare to the Bio picture. I'll post them side to side later.)


This isn't art, so I have no problem getting it excluded from an art exhibit. Basically, a big collection of roadkill parts got smacked together, called art, and then put up at a student art show. Art is a frustrating thing for me; I am convinced that society in general has lost its sense of taste. Whatever happened to art being pretty?

Why I don't have the stomach to be a proper libertarian: the SEC (that's Securities and Exchange Commission, not the South Eastern Conference). The SEC is a critical arm of government regulation over the stock market. It does things like make sure the Ivan Boeskys and Michael Milkens of the world don't utilize inside information to manipulate the stock market for private enrichment to the detriment of the mass of investors. Speaking of which, Ivan Boesky's lawyer has just been nominated by our president to head the SEC. Uh, oh. Another case of the fox guarding the henhouse, it seems.

For those who come here looking for Bush Twin gossip, go here instead. It's got everything, from Jenna's dress incident to Jenna's dope smoking to Barbara's attempted escape of the Secret Service to their Am I hot or not? scores, to the party pictures of Jenna smoking a cigarette and falling over drunk. BTW, Barbara is beating Jenna in Am I hot or not? by 9 to 8.4. Close race.


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