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Now what?

You may recall on Monday I was going to drop off the deposit securing my place in the Hamline University Law School class of 2004. A funny thing happened since then. The first is that in my hurry to get to Hamline before 5:00 pm Monday I ran the thing out of gas. This was annoying, but in my traditional Zen response to minor setbacks like this, I stoically trudged to the gas station, filled up the vehicle, and sped on to Hamline. Arriving at 5:00 pm, I discovered the office to be closed. I was minorly peeved.

Thus, yesterday prior to going to work, I stopped by Hamline and gave them my deposit. No big deal; at least until I got home. There in the mail was an acceptance letter to the University of Minnesota. THOSE JERKS!! WHY couldn't they have told me that last week? Two weeks ago? Back when I could have let that affect my decision? ARGGGHHHH. Now what do I do? The choice isn't an easy one, either. On the one hand, I have the U of M. They have an excellent reputation, graduates make a lot of money, and Haygruh and Aleava are going there. Then there's Hamline; it's a fourth tier law school, not as good of a reputation, but they actually want me, offering a big scholarship to go there (by the way, enter "minnesota" in the comparison line of the servlet I just linked to get the comparison I'm making in depth). I can graduate from Hamline with a minimum of extra debt, but have the tradeoff of reputation and possibly post graduate salary. Or I can go to the U of M, get another $25k in debt, but possibly get a better job out of school. What do I do? What would you do?

By the way, I'm also sulking because I'm not going to be able to hold a grudge and hate the U of M like I do Georgetown. (Note to humorless lawyers; all threats issued on this page are not serious. My tone should make that clear, but this is a litigious society, and since I don't want that to stop anytime soon, I should cover my buttocks)

Not Herve Villachaize, but…

I've thought several times about getting a tattoo. I have a friend (the aforementioned Chris Hangsleben) who impulsively had a giant tattoo of a shining smily-faced sun placed on the top of his typically shaven pate. It is this standard to which I always compare my fleeting desires for permanent markings on my body; I imagine that Chris is going to eventually go straight-edge and then be left with male pattern baldness permanently revealing the folly of his youth (although his tatt is really neat looking, of course). However, this may make me reconsider my decision to stay ink-free. You see, the Newport brewing company in Rhode Island has an offer where people who choose to get the company logo tattooed on their arm, leg, or back are entitled to a free six pack every month for the rest of their lives. WOW! If only this brewery was a little closer, or a beer I really loved. Mmmm, beer. I hereby propose to ink my body for one of the following brewing companies for similar terms: Deschutes, Rogue, Anchor, Paulaner and associated Deutsche imports, Henry's, and Sam Adam's. These are not the only ones, just the ones I thought of first. Any brewing companies please contact me! (linkage inspired by Unxmaal)

This brewing company is not the only business that's tried this. A Mexican restaurant in San Francisco has a deal where those who ink the logo of Jimmy the Corn Man on their bodies get free lunches for life, including a beer. If I was in San Francisco, I'd do it no problem. It's an easy choice to make. I'd probably do it for Chipotle, too. Their burritos are Fat, and I mean that both in the traditional and pop culture uses of the word.


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