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While poking around the Null Device I found this article about a fracas in Australia surrounding a Serbian soccer player who incited a riot with a famous Serbian salute. This salute is described only as a "three fingered salute," which of course made me think of our Commander-in-chief and his signature Dubya Sign. However, Shrub isn't aligning himself with fascist/racist/war criminals, as the Serbian gesture is done with different fingers. While the Australians and British and Scots have soccer hooligans, we here in Minnesota have Chess hooligans. (Hey. Don't screw with me.) I'll lock you down with my sicilian opener and cut you up. Several of my friends, including Haygruh and Jeron, are pretty good at chess. I tried to figure it out, but I have a problem that seriously hampers my chess skillz. I have a short attention span. Chess turns are way too long, which makes it boooooring. So I lose interest and make hasty moves.

I went and saw A Knight's Tale last night with Maggie. I thought it was extremely bad. It was so bad, the question is whether it was So Bad it's Good or So Bad it's Awful. Let me tell you, it was riding the line. But the guy playing Chaucer was great. This movie is proving to be the event that gets Maggie to start her own blog. It will be called M5, and that will be the link when she publishes. Mag is going to put her opinionated pronouncements to good use there, I tell you whut.

In an IM conversation with Jeff, I discovered that he has been coaching high school Lincoln Douglas debate for years without knowing The Philosopher's Drinking Song. How can any LDer not learn this? If you know nothing else about Heidegger in a debate round, at least you can say something about him being a boozy beggar and hope the judge gets the joke and decides you're worth voting for on Humor Value. Believe you me, when they've pressed a bus driver into service to sit behind the ballot, you need all the edge you can get. I then remembered my days back at Norman High School where all the LDers were required to memorize the PDS. Thanks, Dr. Ballard!

Same Randomness, less verbiage

Why does Tom Cruise sue for libel when he is accused of being gay? Featuring the great quote:

Tom Cruise sues the way Robert Downey Jr. violates his parole. Downey can't pass up a snort and Cruise can't resist a tort.

A more subtle, bizarre, Scottish version of the Onion is the Glen Lachart Star site. The first page I just didn't get at all. Digging deeper, however, there are some pretty weird, funny things here.


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