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Florida in Minnesota

A few days ago I blogged the ongoing Twin Cities nurses’ strike, and mentioned that in the end only two of fifteen hospitals originally threatening work stoppages rejected final contract offers and actually went on the picket lines. It now seems that number should have been one higher: a mistake in the counting of the ballots at Abbott Northwestern, a big hospital in Minneapolis, means that the contract should have been defeated by a one vote margin. However, after counting the ballots wrong, the union verbally told the hospital that the contract was approved, and according to law that is all that is needed. Now, the union has locked over 1500 workers into a contract they rejected for three years. Try that on for size. Obviously, the nurses are not happy at the union, but what can you do at this point?

I like online quizzes; especially political ones. This one, which I took from Lia, is good because it measures not only a left-right economics slant, but also an up-down authoritarianism bent. I am near the center, slightly left, but pretty far down on the liberty scale (down = more liberty). Maggie apparently scored similarly but on the right side of the center economically. I think the best question is (paraphrased): Should those who can work but do not work expect to eat? Good question! I’ll wait until later to take up that general line of thought.

More stupid links

An account of the softball game between the Playboy staff and the High Times staff. The best line from the article has to be this one:
… the Bunnies and the Bonghitters chatted amiably as they shared the grass for joint warm-ups…

Oh, man, that’s funny. Bwahahaha!

Another Bush Twin Link: Political cartoons weigh in on the subject. Some very good ones are in there. And another: the White House is pissed because apparently the twins will be on the cover of People Magazine next month (headline: “Oops! I did it again!”).

My gut tells me this story about a missing congressional intern will become a big one. I don’t know why; maybe it’s the fact that she slept over at Representative Gary Condit’s (D-CA) apartment. According to the congressman they were just good friends. I do not believe him. I’ll stay on top of this story so you don’t have to.


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