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New look, new problems

Well, I’ve jumped on the CSS bandwagon. Those who use old, crappy browsers may find that everything is unformatted and crappy looking. You should upgrade. I recommend IE 5.5. I’ve tried them all, now, and although Microsoft is evil, it is the best product. For those who aren’t using old, crappy browsers: You may find that everything is unformatted and crappy looking. Hey! I’m still figuring out this stuff. I am not as geeked out as everyone else on the web. Thanks go to Avogadro, cCranium, and the rest of the 1142 crew.

What’s Qiviut?

At some point Maggie and I are going to go to Alaska and visit this Musk Ox farm, where famous celebrities like Alex Trebek and Olivia Newton-John go to hang out with the fluffiest bovines on earth. If we can’t get there, but wind up with a lot of money, we’ll content ourselves with buying Qiviut goods from a native cooperative. That’s wool made from the undercoat of said Musk Oxen, and it’s supposedly very soft, fluffy, and comfortable. Sounds good!

Not related, but still cool, is the endangered Musk Deer, which have no antlers but do have fangs. Crazy!

Back to ironing out bugs.


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