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Find a soul mate on line. Or better, get some love.com. Sure it redirects you to AOL personals, but there is some funny stuff in there. I’ve always been very amused by going through the personal advertisements. Some people are so obscure, and some are very open. In places like here and Portland, the weekly alternative paper is the best place to find them. “…Poppa bear wants baby bear for jockstrap wrestling…” Yeah, you know you’ve seen it.

One of the most fascinating monarchs I’ve heard about is Catherine the Great, the famous ruler of Russia. Catherine’s marriage to Peter III wasn’t exactly a healthy one:

It was discovered that all Peter did at night in bed with Catherine was play with wooden soldiers, miniature cannons and toy fortresses. Peter would make little cannon-firing noises with his mouth and shout orders to the inanimate armies on the bed, beg Catherine to join him, and hurriedly stash the playthings under the sheets whenever members of the court happened by to check on the odd assortment of noises emanating from behind their chamber door.

No, it isn’t true about Catherine and the Horse rumor. She died while straining at the commode. According to Charles Panati, Elvis Presley died the same way. Unfortunately, I cannot find any web sites to back me up on this claim. I can, however, find an obituary of the King written by Molly Ivins.


There is a minor hubbub in the news about a homeless homeschooled teenager who has scored a perfect 1600 on the SAT. Trevor Loflin has his own website and is going to college this fall. My observations: First, the media response to this is sickening. Guess what, folks? Poor people can be smart! Yeah, shocking. Second, Trevor is taking his awesome SAT scores and profound life experiences to Bob Jones University. If you don’t remember BJU, here’s are some refreshers. Links regarding its opposition to interracial dating; BJU’s antagonism towards gay people; and how our current president felt like he needed to apologize after a visit during the campaign strongly irritated Catholics, who also have been ritually abused by BJU.


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