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Serious hodgepodge

This Metafilter thread about the disappearance of languages got me thinking about the everyday use of the language you are reading in this. See, language is a rather fluid construct, and it is my position that there is little inherent value to it. If we use it, it’s because the language is a useful way to communicate from one person to another (or many others). That doesn’t mean that we should just kill off all the minority languages; I think that every culture has value and ought to attempt to pass on its traditions as best it can. The example of Welsh kept popping up in the thread, and I’m likely to try to take it up later in life, as I do have some Welsh in me and I’ve always been fascinated by the tongue. By the way, my position led to Rodii referring to me as a Cold, Heartless, Unfeeling Man.

Unfortunately for me, my biggest problem with languages is my biggest problem with all other type of work: I’m lazy. I’m willing to admit it, and in reality I think a bit of laziness is built in to the human spirit. It jibes well with my personal philosophy; recall that my first tenet is Efficiency, meaning don’t expend extra effort. Nonetheless, I wonder what sort of person I would have been if I had been a little less informed going in to school. Knowing and having reinforced the fact that I already know most of what each class will teach me led me to believe all I have to do is show up and take the tests and everything else falls in to place. Work is not helping me on that front either. I just don’t really care about the meaningless stacks of numbers that the company keeps track of to deal with its stock. I reformed this office from the time I showed up to now and just don’t have the gumption to make it any better. Hence, the blog.

RIP, John Lee Hooker.

Minnesota News Update

In Minnesota news, the reputation of “Minnesota Nice” continues to take a beating. Currently it’s Somali Week, recognizing the fact that we have an enormous population of recent Somali immigrants here in the Twin Cities. A visiting team of Somali teenagers on a basketball team from Seattle was questioned not once but three times by Minneapolis police yesterday, culminating in being frisked and asked to leave the area. They were simply waiting for rides back to their host families. Nice work, piggers.

Finally, the stage for the state government train wreck is officially set: the Senate has introduced a Lights On bill to keep the government running, but with no property tax “reform.” This will enable the Democrats to say that the shutdown is the Republicans’ fault for not passing this continuation bill. Meanwhile, Gov. Turnbuckle and the Republicans have consistently rejected such a solution because it merely prolongs the impasse. Now both sides have a way to blame each other when the shutdown happens. “And always bear in mind this question: que bono? Who benefits?” Not us.
Unserious hodgepodge

Blue Mountain? Screw that. Try a Crude Greeting. When you care enough to offend…

It may be extinct, but this picture of a frog giving birth through its mouth is incredible.

Carrie (I hope I’m spelling this right) came over with Scott yesterday and showed us this site. It’s a comparative site showing representative samples of brains of various mammals. It’s extremely fascinating.

We’re going camping again here. Another canoe-in only site. I’m extra excited. It will be good to get out of the city.

Finally, allow me to plug a very good cause. The Women's Debate Institute is having its inaugural clinic in August. If you know a high school aged lady, or are a high school young lady, please consider this outstanding camp to get involved in debate or get your skills honed. I personally know a few of the instructors and they are all top notch debate minds.


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