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Gone to Oklahoma

I was originally going to post a followup to the wilderness post, but then got caught up in a lot of pre vacation planning and didn’t have time to do anything. I’m now off to Oklahoma for a week, and will return July 23. If you must get ahold of me please call the cell phone at (651) 387 1884. If you are bored peruse the links to the left or my archives, which are really fun to go through. At least for me. Or if I mention you. Heh. Anyway, here are a couple of random links as I go…

The official rules of the world Rock, Paper, Scissors association.

(from Jeff, again) The absurd inequality of Women’s professional tennis.

Big list of Saints. And on the other side of the equation, why to disbelieve in Hell.

One hundred and ninety seven years ago yesterday was the duel between Hamilton and Burr. One hundred and ninety seven years ago today Hamilton died. Here are all the Federalist Papers, as well as other major documents. I found the Anti-Federalist Papers even more interesting.

If Solar Power works for the Dominican Republic, it is probably getting cheap enough to become useful (read: dangerous).

This will be my longest stretch of not blogging since HB began.


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