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Still Alive

The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated. I live, and will likely see blog time again. However, I can’t really say when regularity will return, if ever. Law school begins at 9:05 AM tomorrow, and with it goes all sense of what is normal. My intent is to maintain bloggage when possible, but also to record what I’m doing in school. Remember, I’m doing this page for me and not necessarily for you, and thus I reserve the right to be boring as hell.

With that in mind, I’ve been studying for my first day’s assignment. In Contracts, I’ve been reading about the principles of contract law, including the development of the Universal Commercial Code, the common law, and some of the theoretical premises of modern legal scholarship. In Torts, I read about the overlap between criminal and tortuous conduct, and the common law that most tort law revolves around. Between the two classes, three cases were in the reading, including the case of the Thorns, a very famous case from England in 1466. I told you this was boring.

In other developments, Maggie and I traveled last week to visit the wedding of Haygruh and Aleava, who promptly drove 1500 miles to move to Minnesota to attend the U of M law school with me. They are now living here temporarily, which complicates matters too much. They are such dear friends, it would be a real shame if I had to kill them.

Followups and randomness

Bush Doctrine Redux. A group of conservative think tankers are floating the term “imperialist” to refer to the Bush Doctrine stance of unilateral engagement. This is a major departure from past Republican thought, which regarded our role in international affairs (should we have one) as primarily based on Kissengerian realpolitik or trade matters. Instead, they argue that the US should use its clout to enforce a Pax Americana where no major wars may erupt without us crushing the aggressor. Although this sounds neat, remember that this is not a new idea, and what happened to the last few benevolent superpowers that attempted to execute such a policy in the known world.

Someone needs to find me this video. Entitled "Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged: Making Evil Look Innocent,” this bit of fundamnmentalist drivel promises to be really funny.

Dubya gets a month off, why can’t we?

Finally, the MSNBC “Week in Pictures” site is really pretty good. It’s a good Monday thing to check out.


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